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4 professional tattoo artists are here to help you with your next tattoo idea and take it to the next level.

Delivering unique and creative tattoos every time.

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Premium body Piercing

We offer professional body piercing services always using premium titanium jewellery in a clean, sterilised enviroment with disposable tools.

From 15€

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Tattoo advices

Our tattoo artists can help you

  • Find the right artist
  • Give you tips and information
  • Help you with the proccess
What is the pain level on piercings?

We gathered the most common questions we get asked about piercing and made a cool guide to help you understand the piercing proccess. If you need even more info do not hesitate to contact us.

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Let's have a talk.

Types of tattoo consultation:
  • Video call
  • At the shop
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Contact us

We are located in Pagrati. 12 Frinis str., next to the center of Athens. To reach us you can use the metro (Evangelismos station) or a taxi.

You can call us on +30 211 001 3451
or email us at onesintattoo@gmail.com

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I want my first tattoo

Getting your first tattoo sometimes is stressful but worry not, that s' why we are here. We are going to explain every bit of the tattoo proccess and design something unique for you. From a unicorn tattoo to ohana or tattoo flash from our tattoo artists, we are here to guide you and make the right choice for your new tattoo.

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Efthimis Vrettos
Efthimis Vrettos
Stathis Avlamis
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